Traditional Phone Voicemail

If you don’t answer a call after a given time, which you can designate, the caller is redirected to your voicemail service. The caller hears an announcement and is given the opportunity to leave a message. You can retrieve and listen to those messages when you choose. Aeneas voicemail offers you several advanced methods for listening to your messages. Use the one that’s most convenient for you.

Accessing Voicemail Through Your Telephone Handset

There are two methods you can use to check your voicemail.

Dial one of our local access numbers.

Enter your 10 digit phone number when prompted for your mailbox number.

Enter the last 4 digits of your phone number when prompted for your password.

Dial your own phone number. When you hear your voicemail message begin, press *.

You will be prompted to enter your password.

Once you enter your Voicemail Inbox, you will be given several options.

Option 0 – Mailbox Options
This option allows you to change the greeting a caller hears when your voicemail is activate and your mailbox password.

Note: The maximum length for your recorded greeting is 45 seconds.

Option 2 – Change Folders
This option allows you to decide where a message is stored.All messages are stored in one of the following five folders: New, Archived, Friends, Work, and Family.If you do not designate a folder, your old messages will be automatically saved to the archived folder.You can save up to 15 messages.

Option 3 – Advanced Options
Choosing this option after listening to a new message allows you to listen to the “message envelope,” which includes information about the message such as when the call was made, and by whom.


Accessing Voicemail Through the Web-based Manager

Login to, and use the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Voicemail is located under the "Messaging" heading. The web-based manager allows you to view information about your messages, like length and who they’re from as well as play your messages on the computer. Delete messages once you’ve heard them, or save up to fifteen.

You can also include an e-mail address or pager/cell phone address where you’d like to receive notification of a new voicemail and have the voicemail itself sent to the e-mail you designate, so you can listen to it on your computer.

Your pager or cell phone must be enabled to receive text messages or e-mail in order to receive voicemail notification. Enter your pager of cell phone address in the following format (ex. Your domain is determined by your cell phone company. Here are several of the most common:

Sprint PCS –
Verizon – mobilenumber@vtext.comAT&T –
T-Mobile –
Cingular –

If you don’t see your cell phone company listed, you’ll need to check with them directly to find out the appropriate domain.

Note: If your cell phone company charges you to receive text messages, you will be charged for the text message notification of your voicemail.

Accessing Voicemail Through Email

If you’d like to have your voicemail sent directly to your e-mail as an attachment, login to When you reach the voicemail section of the site, click on the “options” tab. Enter the e-mail address you’d like to have messages sent to. Make sure you’ve designated “yes” under attach message to e-mail. Now your voicemails will be sent to the e-mail you’ve entered. You can play the .wav file on your computer to hear your message.

Note: If you want to keep a copy of the message in your voicemail inbox either online or on your telephone, you must make sure you’ve designated that messages should NOT be deleted after being sent. If it’s set up to delete after sending, the message will be deleted from your inbox and will not be accessible over the telephone.