Aeneas Internet and Telephone offers a wide variety of choices for your residential Internet service.

From a dialup connection that requires a standard phone line, to a Gigabit fiber optic connection, offering the most advanced connection. Aeneas has the capacity for higher bandwidth connectivity; giving you the connection needed to smoothly stream video, play on line games and keep connected to your family and friends thru social media.

With other Internet options, your speed can be affected by how much bandwidth other customers are using.  With Aeneas you can stop wasting time with frustrating slow downs.  Your speed is unaffected by other users, so you can enjoy a consistent level of bandwidth.

Along with the Internet option you choose, we also have knowledgeable, friendly customer service; on-site technical support, along with simplified billing to make your experience with Aeneas the best!

Aeneas can match your needs and your budget with one of many options of Internet access that we have to offer. 

Give us a call today to see what Internet options are available to you.  


Click below to learn more about Aeneas Gigabit Internet offering in the following cities:

*Internet connection speeds are best effort service; no guarantee of speed. Equipment lease may be required with some services $9.95/mo or $99.95 onetime purchase. Not all speeds available in all areas.  Call Aeneas for the service offering in your area.

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