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Prize-Winning Entries to the 2012 Color of Music

2012 Bravo Award Winner
Sumer's Musical by Sumer Wilkerson, Adamsville Elementary School

2012 Prelude Award Winner
Playful Otter by Allie Williams, Alamo City School

2012 Cappricio Award Winner
Music! by Brianna Conklin, South Elementary Schooll

2012 Fantasia Award Winner
Roulement de Tambour by Ireland McBrayer, The Montessori School at Bemis

2012 President's Award Winner
The Composer by Savijon Hunter, Pope Elementary School

A Trade For A Trade by Malique Bowen, North Parkway Middle School

All Smiles by Maya Morris, The Montessori School at Bemis

Anything is Beautiful! by Caroline Zeto, Faith Tutorial

Blue Music by Emma McLean, Pope Elementary School

Bring on the Circus by Bryanna Harvey, Rose Hill Middle School

Brown by Conor Drummond, North Parkway Middle School

Carnival Daydream by Shelby Hatchett, University School of Jackson

Celebration! by Katelyn Peal, Alamo City School

Color Places by Anthony Jones, Nova Elementary School

Colorful Music by Will Launsby, Faith Tutorial

Colors of Dance and Music by Kristannya Murphy, Isaac Lane Elementary

Dainty Dancers by Ansley Wofford, St. Mary's School

Dance to the Music by Nancy Lott, Rose Hill Middle School

Excitement by Katasia Peterson, Rose Hill Middle School

Fairies by Esther Kim, Martin Elementary School

Feel the Beat by Tanner Balthrop, Martin Elementary School

Flower Dance by Addyson Pflasterer, Christ Community Co-op

Foxes Chasing Chickens in the Barnyard by Nathan Johnson, Augustine School

Fun Rides by Matthew Mutter, South Elementary School

Fun! by Lilee Williamson, South Elementary School

Funtastic by Nick Armour, Rose Hill Middle School

Hidden Music by Alyssa Hartig, Christ Community Co-op

In the Eye of the Beholder by Maggie Jenkins, Augustine School

Lost in the Music by Kadie Hoskins, Dresden Elementary School

Love At First Sight by Bretney Scott, The Montessori School at Bemis

Love Birds by Ashanti Carroll, Arlington Elementary School

Make Way for Ducklings by Bethany Datuin, St. Mary's School

Moods and Movement by Cierra Womack, Rose Hill Middle School

Music by Zander Clark, Thelma Barker Elementary School

Musical Harmony by Alyssa James, Augustine School

New Life by Ava Pflasterer, Christ Community Co-op

Nothing but Music by Jack Nanney, Martin Elementary School

Nutcracker Parade by Christian Holmes, Augustine School

Painting to the Music by Jessie Phillips, Alamo City School

Parrots Play by Autumn Sanders, Thelma Barker Elementary School

People Moving by Dylan Hayes, Nova Elementary School

Police Chase by Eli West, Faith Tutorial

Rhythm by Kaitlyn Greer, South Elementary School

Snake of Color by Hannah Gore, Faith Tutorial

Symphony by Blue Dunzworth, Pope Elementary School

The Ballet Dancer by Mia Borgognoni, Augustine School

The Big Fair by George Allen, The Montessori School at Bemis

The Biggest Rainbow Ever Made by Brandon Granillo, Arlington Elementary School

The Cello and the Cymbal by Dawson Shreve, Adamsville Elementary School

The Circus Donkey by Tramon Springfield, Arlington Elementary School

The Firey Visit by Jacob Hamil, Alamo City School

The Great Fun Fairground by Kyla Franklin, Arlington Elementary School

The Juggler by Robyn Evans, Alamo City School

The Midnight Carnival by Kaleigh Moyers, Alamo City School

The Musical Dragon by Micah Lovings, The Montessori School at Bemis

The Rhythm of Music by Victoria Taylor, Michie Elementary School

The Royal Party by Raychel Fowler, Alamo City School

The Shadow of a Cat by Katelyn Johnson, Christ Community Co-op

The Sick Princess by Dory Scott, The Montessori School at Bemis

The Violin at Sunset by Alex Northam-Kupec, South Elementary School

Untitled by Alejandro Villasenor, Thelma Barker Elementary School

Untitled by Ana Paige Hunt, Augustine School

Untitled by Ella Hallet, Denmark Elementary School

Untitled by Lidia Matthews, Malesus Elementary School

Untitled by Patrick Aherrera, University School of Jackson

Violins by Aydon Acred, Pope Elementary School

Work and Play by Shea Dean, Rose Hill Middle School
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