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Prize-Winning Entries to the 2011 Color of Music

Jackson Symphony
Bravo Award Winner

The Rainbow Trumpet by Eli Epperson, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Jordan Tang
Prelude Award Winner

The Puppet Master by Ainsley Andre, The Augustine School

Jordan Tang
Cappricio Award Winner

Weeping Clown by Andrew Parson, Michie School

Jordan Tang
Fantasia Award Winner

Marvelous Marionettes by Ellen Mathews, Faith Home School Tutorial

President's Award Winner
A Rainbow of Rhythm by Bryn Hensley, Trenton Elementary

Announcing the Puppet Show by Tristan Holland, Pope Elementary

At the Fair by Mallory McKinney, South Elementary

At the Show by Chrissy Taylor, Pope Elementary

Ballerina by Ali McGee, University School of Jackson

Ballerina Comes to Life by Hanna Hudson, Pope Elementary

Broken Hearted Clown by Myles Morris, Parkview Montessori Magnet School

Carnival Puppets by Ansley Wofford, St. Mary's School

Clown and Ballerina by Deja Gardner, Michie School

Clown Dances for the Ballerina by Dawson Shreve, Adamsville Elementary

Controlled Dance by Reese Antwine, University School of Jackson

Dance of the Puppets by Madison Smith, Arlington International Leadership

Dancer by Dajana Neel, Augustine School

Dancing Ballerina by Ambria Brown, Pope Elementary

Dancing in the Moor's Room by Ashley Shiver, Michie School

Dancing Magic by Kaylen McClain, Michie School

Feel the Music by Cynthia Kussman, Alamo City School

It's All Over by Hayden Gilley, Rose Hill Middle

Lightning Storm by Tanner Snell, University School of Jackson

Madness by Darius Ford, Rose Hill Middle School

Meeting the Marionettes by Claire Davis, Alamo City School

Once Upon A Puppet by Josh Edwards, Trinity Christian Academy

Petrouchka by Abby Boone, South Elementary

Petrouchka's Alone Room by Kelsie Laster, Alamo City School

Petrouchka's Cell by Tim Geraghty, Augustine School

Petrouchka's Gloomy Room by Kate Evans, Alamo City School

Russian Fair by Samuel Tilleros, Augustine School

The Ballerina by Julianna Schultz, Pope Elementary

The Ballet Shoes by Rowan Bryant, North Parkway Middle School

The Bear by Dalton Allen, Bethel Springs Elementary

The Beginning of the End by Nick Hill, Alamo City School

The Broken Heart by John Mayer, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

The Clown and the Ballerina in Love by Jayla Pool, Arlington International Leadership

The Clown by Adam Castellaw, Alamo City School

The Clown's Performance by Emily Ferrell, Michie School

The Colorful Musical Palace by Meredith Nye, Parkview Montessori Magnet School

The Dancers by Prince Jackson, Arlington Int'l Leadership

The Dancing Ballerina by Kara Logan, Parkview Montessori Magnet School

The Dancing Ballerina by Seth Crowder, North Parkway Middle School

The Killing of Petrouchka by Jeremy Kuelin, Augustine School

The Magic Flute by Sarah Keeley, Augustine School

The Magic Trumpet by Chrissy Jenkins, Michie School

The Moor's Room by Josie Keeley, Augustine School

The Moor's Room by Maggie Jenkins, Augustine School

The Music Show by Sarah Coley, Malesus Elementary

The Peeking Man by Jesus Sanchez, Alamo City School

The Princess and the Soldier by Emma Kathryn Borders, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

The Puppet Show by Blaine Clayton, Arlington International Leadership School

The Puppet Show by Jamie Shanks, Trinity Christian Academy

The Puppet Show by Lily McFadden, Trinity Christian Academy

The Shrovetide Fair by Charley Beth Cloud, Augustine School

The Shrovetide Fair by Molly Davis, Augustine School

The Spirit by Daniel Hatch, Parkview Montessori

The Steps of Music by Cameron Goyer, North Parkway Middle School

The String Puppets by Piper Word, Pope Elementary

Trapped in the Closet by MiKayala Theus, North Parkway Middle

Trapped, by Rodney Barnett, Lane Technology

Untitled by Mitchell Sisk, Trinity Christian Academy

Untitled by Tania Ruiz, Thelma Barker Elementary
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Jackson Symphony
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