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Prize-Winning Entries to the 2010 Color of Music

Jackson Symphony Bravo Award Winner
The Musical Painter by Isaac Northcut, Trinity Christian Academy

Jordan Tang Prelude Award Winner
Prima Ballerina by Carly Ingram, University School of Jackson

Jordan Tang Cappricio Award Winner
The Lizard Playing the Harp by Austyn Morris, Adamsville Elementary

Jordan Tang Fantasia Award Winner
Mysterious Forest by Diana Smith, Rose Hill Middle

Abstract Butterflies by Samantha Sullivan, University School

And the Guitar Sings by Leah Worsham, Bemis Intermediate School

Angels on the Moon by Tristen Trevathan, Dresden Elementary

Arabia by Bethanie Galloway, Alamo City Elementary

Bats in the Cave by Courtney Glasshof, Alamo City School

Bird by Moon by Blake Turner, Parkview Montessori

Blues of the Night by Katie Fuqua, Rose Hill Middle

Caterpillar Sun by Kailee Giambelluca, Dresden Elementary

Color Beach by Alayna Rice, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Color Line by Alyssa Walls, Whitehall

Colorful Sounds by Quinterrica Haley, Sunny Hill

CConducting Color by Isabella Beavers, Alexander Elementary

Dancer at Midnight by Taylor Howard, Michie School

Dancing Butterflies by Rachel Perry, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Dancing in the Wind by Lara Underwood, Augustine School

Dancing Strings by Wells Johnstone, Trinity Christian Academy

Dancing with Instruments by Monique Salazar, Alamo City School

Face It by Malik Batchelor, Rose Hill Middle

Fame by Clare Sprinkle, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Fantasy by Sydney Smoyer, Rose Hill Middle

Green Dragon by Alex Hitte, Michie School

How Old Are You by Travis Bowers, Isaac Lane Magnet

I'm Feelin' It by Parker Reams, Rose Hill Middle

I'm Happy and I'm Sad by Brenden Barnett, Rose Hill Middle

Instrumental Jester by Dalton Whitley, Bethel Springs Elementary

Jackson the Dog by Emily Rice, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Magical Music! by Alannah Yellen, University School of Jackson

March of the Elephants by Sam Tilleros, Augustine School

Moses on the Nile by Robyn Evans, Alamo City Elementary

Mourning Sunrise by Bailey Schmitt, Rose Hill Middle

Music Dancer by Olivia Haynes, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Music Party Surprise by Bentley Gordon, Greenfield School

Musical Fonanza by John Caleb Ball, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Nature's Mourning by Rachel Hoover, Christ Community Church Co-op

Night Music by Hudson Hamm, University School of Jackson

Paint a Melody by Carli Ann Stricklin, Martin Elementary

Parade Party by Lucas Hamm, Adamsville Elementary

Person on Drums by Luke Gaggley, Nova Elementary

Phantom's Nightmare by Zach Pitts, Adamsville Elementary

Pinwheel by Edward Sickle, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Playing in the Symphony by Joanna Baal, Arlington International Leadership School

Polka Dot by Claudia Jones, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Race, Race, Race, We have a Winner by Arturo Bonilla, Michie School

Red's Rhythm by Larkin Cook, Martin Elementary

Sail Away by Riley Koerner, University School of Jackson

Salute to Music by Sydney Griffin, Jackson Careers and Tech Magnet

Solo of the Night by Chase Castellaw, Rose Hill Middle

Street Band by Lucas Tilleros, Augustine School

Swift by Noah Holsinger, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

Swingset by Destini Walker, Alamo City Elementary

Tears in the Fire by Drew Garrett, Alamo City School

The Ball by Anderson French, Trinity Christian Academy

The Color Full Beach by Elizabeth Turner, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

The Dark Cello by Cheyenne McGregor, Adamsville Elementary

The Deep Black Hole by Ryan Butler, Rose Hill Middle

The Drum by Chloe Barlow, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

The Flute by Zachary Weaver, Trenton Elementary

The Garden by Lydia Sprinkle, Faith Homeschool Tutorial

The Hypnotizing Frenzy by Brittany Andrews, St Mary's School

The Musical Battle by Landon Johnson, Augustine School

The Musical Waves by Brooke Bernier, Adamsville Elementary

The Waves by the Lighthouse by Elijiah Moore, Jackson Careers & Tech Magnet

Under the Sea by Davis Revelle, Augustine School

Untitled by Tyler Smith, Malesus Elementary

Warm Strings by Alexandria Edwards, Alamo City School
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