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Prize-Winning Entries to the 2008 Color of Music

Jackson Symphony Bravo Award Winner
Melanie Reaves
Musical Dreams

Jordan Tang Prelude Award Winner
Emma Newbill
Curtains of Rainbows

Jordan Tang Cappricio Award Winner
Jonathan Patterson
Creature World

Jordan Tang Fantasia Award Winner
Zain Porter
Musical Wizard

Allie Pettit
Soaring Up

Andrea Sanchez
The Color of Music

Anna Beth Rose
Burst Out

Asyia Campbell
On Stage

Brigham Short
Two Sides of the Lighthouse

Calley Overton

Candance Brown
The Music Room

Carlee Hearn
The Sounds of Music

Caroline Purcell
The Nutcracker

Chase Piner

Claire Chandler

Cody West
Play Me A Song

Connor Blakely

Corey White
Shredded Cheese

Drew Culbreath
Butterflies Dancing in the Sky

Dylan Mayo
Sea Danger

Eli Smoyer

Erin Juarez
The Three Musketeers

Grant Carr
The Source of Life

Harrison Hamm

Ireland Terry
The Ice Skater

Jackson McLemore
Music Brings us Life

Jared Lobb
Diagonal Music

Jasmine Glenn
Glory to the Music

Jennifer Kaneer

Josie Pagan
The Color of Music

Joy Beard
Flowers Do the Can-Can

Julie Ann Santos
Music in America

Kaitlyn Randle
Everyone Loves the Music

Katie Cosby
Swirlin Out of Control

Katie Hays
Royal Return

Lashlee Randolph
The Great Mouse Chase

Lexus Alderson
Princess to the Queen

Liz Womack

Maddie Doster
The Circle of Life

Maggie Jenkins
Color of Notes

Margaret Jones
Mixed Emotions

Marlie Swart

Mason Borneman
Swirls & Curls of Music

Molly Cosby
Mixed Emotions

Nick Owens
Listening to the Ocean

Nobel Worth
Let Us Free

Olivia Floyd
A Song on the Breeze

Patrick Reeves
Angel Music

Price McKnight
My Happy Place

Reese Newbill
I Want to be a Rockstar

Ross Burcham
Alien Spaceship

Samantha Espinoza
Open Arms

Savannah Lee
Midnight Moon

Shontrevious Smith
Symphony Notes

Sydni Ross
The Color of Music

Taylor Wilder
Ribbons of Color

Zayvania Byrum
The Princesses
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Jackson Symphony
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