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Prize-Winning Entries to the 2007 Color of Music

Jackson Symphony Bravo Award Winner
Garrett King
I Sing to the Crowd

Jordan Tang Prelude Award Winner
Kaitlyn Plunkett
The Color of Music

Jordan Tang Cappricio Award Winner
Tyler Hanks
Sunset Over the Sea

Jordan Tang Fantasia Award Winner
Molly Cosby
Two Sides

A'Kayla Harris
Winds of Change

Alisha Boddie

Allie Cowles
Dancing Music

Amanda Branstetter
A Reason to Sing

Anna Lee Johnson
The Leader of the Band

Annie Meeks
Musical Quilt

Austin Moody

Bethany Logan
Undersea Music

Billy Rogers
Symphony of Ceatures

Blaine Ward
Volcano Eruption

Bria Johnson
The Color of Music

Brittney Corneal
color Harmony

Byron Golden
The Musical Intruments

Cana Cooper
Shower of Roses

Cara Lunsford
Dancing Minis

Caroline Miller
Art at the Beach

Caroline Warren
Sparkling Fanfare

Chance Bond

Chrissy Hahs
The Night of Music

Christine Satter
Musical Fury

Coltor Blanton
Colorful Waves

Conor Drummond
The Color of Music

Cory Armatys
Sunset Symphony

Courtney Richmond
Music Ts

Destiny Meyer
Colorful Hills

Drew Rogers

Emily Priddy
Organized Chaos

Emma Newbill
The Big Sunset

Ethan Pearson
Fun for the Moment

Grant Allen
Ripples of Sound

Haiden Diffee
Calm and Cool

Hannah White
Color World

Jennifer Keen
Waves of Music

Jesse Buckley
The Shadows of the Flowers

Jessika Shadrach
Fast Snow

John Mayer
Wind Dance

Jordan Haynes

Jordan Hazlewood
Midnight Melody

Josh Lester
The Color of Music

Justin Lee
Light Up the Night

Kaitlynn McCormick
Girl Dance and Song

Kalea Hullom
The Color of Music

Karina Romero
The Magic of Sound

Kayla Cantrell
In the Night

Kriston Turner
Happy Music

Lakin Overton
Movement! The Race is On!

Lane Moss

Lizzie Dusenberry
The Twirling Triplets

Lucas Tilleros
The Shapes of Music

Maddie Wilson
Pink Sunset

Makaila Keymon
The Sunny Day for a Song

Margaret Jones
Symphony Escape

Maria Tatman
In the Pink

Mason Borneman
Swirls of Music

Mason Hinson
Grand STaff Estate

Matthew Smith

Mayer Blaine Maddox
The Nutcracker

Michael Dannall

Molly Garner
Flow with the Music

Natalie Pfasterer

Octavion Cooper

Rachael Michie
Magical Orchestra

Rebekah Sargent
Sparkley Serenade

Riley Allison
Don't Miss Mighty Music

Sara Jane Ragain
Music of Freedom

Sarah McClure
The Dancing Ballerina

Sean Graham
The Blue Angel

Seth Crowder
Multicolored Maestro

Shelby Ragan
Chelo in the Spotlight

Stephanie Janes

Susan Anderson

Tanner Blankenship
Mood Swings

Trevion Brown
The Color of Music

Whitney Lacy
Drum Sound
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