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2006 Prize-Winning Entries

Jackson Symphony Bravo Award Winner
Chris Hawks
Having Fun

Jordan Tang Prelude Award Winner
Carley Archie
Curtain Call

Jordan Tang Cappricio Award Winner
Ben Harris
Creative Emotions

Jordan Tang Fantasia Award Winner
Emilie Malone
Sound Attack

Adam Joyner
The Castle

Alaina Graham
Duck Olympics

Amber Winkleman
The Last Man

Anna Blackwood
The Color of Music

Anna Mitchell
King Gong

Annabeth Hayes
Pride and Honor

Bethany Ward
The Dancer

Bethany White
The Paint of Music

Briana Donaldson
The O'Greathe

Bryttany Fisher
The Island

Caitlyn McAfee
Leaping Through the Forest

Caleb Freeman
A Song of My Inner Self

Cara Elizabeth Ward
The Music in Art

Cheyenne Spain
The Ingredients of Heaven

Chirag Odhav
Music Races
Chloe Chow
Clap Your Hands

Dave Kelso
The Musician

Destini Kramer
The Waterfall Ball

Devin Johnson
Coming to Life

Emma Fiesner
The Brass Music

Hannah Woodard

Heidi Ofner
Japan Art

J. Allen Blackwood
The Right Way to Go

Jeffery Mann
The Eye of Doom

Jonah Lusk
Music Train

Joshua Seile
Pirate Ship

Katy Crowe
Loving It

Lacey Bowersox
The Color of Music

Lakesha Turner
Music All Around the World

Latisha Williams

Lauren Moore
The Violin Girl

Lauren Rush
The Rise and Fall of Sound

Lakyn Bell
Sound of Music

Lexi Osborne
The Spatter of Music

Mary Taylor Pendergrass
Tye Dyed

Matt Castleman
The Revolution of Music

Megan Wichlan
Lions and Zebras

Milly Maxwell
Musical Moves

Nima Vakili
Danger Zone of Music

Rachel Roberts
The Rise of Freedom

Ricky Price
Battleground Symphony

Riley Deakins
The Blue Sky

Russell Hollman

Ryan Mattheny
Japense Paint

Samuel Rickman
The Power of Music

Sarah Varden
Rainbow Splash

Savanah Hopkins

Savanna Hodges
The Checker Game

Shea LaFont
The Dancer

Summer Burroughs
Move with the Music

Sydney Ball
Symphonic City

Tim Brooks
The Land of Loving
and Caring People

Tyler Stewart
The Slitr Snake
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